Casa Blue: Shoreditch Love

A. & some rando across from Casa Blue!

You may remember my first encounter with the Shoreditch/Brick Lane area from earlier this year — my flatmate indoctrinated me into the amazingness of weekend markets in London (Borough, Spitalfields, Camden… they’re all definitely cool in their own right). In any case, I decided to venture out of the Covent Garden area last night in search of a hookah bar! If I would have thought about it more thoroughly, we would have (wisely) headed to Edgware Road where hookah bars decorate the streets ( Cafe du Liban looks particularly enticing). Instead, I remembered the edginess of Shoreditch and looked for places near Brick Lane for inspiration. Thanks to the awe-inspiring power of the internet/Google, I found Casa Blue – a Spanish/Moroccan-style lounge with eats, (delicious) drinks & hookah.

Casa Blue, Brick Lane

Sadly, there was no hookah to be had; the manager mentioned that hookah’s more of a summertime wonder in the area (since you have to sit outside & outside isn’t always so enticing during London winters). Despite the fact that I had to abort my hookah-finding mission, A. and I ended up staying for a few drinks. The lounge is so fun — colorful and relaxed with friendly staff and pretty good drinks. The drinks aren’t the cheapest though, so pace yourself. They do have a fishbowl (for Β£25) that feeds (I’m sure ‘feeds’ isn’t the right world… ‘nourishes’, perhaps?) up to four. After grabbing three drinks there, the fishbowl may have been the better option! As a side note, the strawberry mojito is delicious! Much better than the strawberry daiquiri and a decent amount better than ‘bunny with a gun’. They also (apparently) have a range of eats: Spanish, Indian and Moroccan alike with tapas for sharing.

Despite the shisha-free night (I’ll be heading to Cafe du Liban to quench my thirst for hookah at some point), getting out of the central London area was kinda nice. It’s nice not running into people that you know constantly and it’s also nice to experience a new side of London (since there are many)!

Anyone have any favorite London-based hookah joints?

  • Faye

    What does this blog imply to when it says hookar, what is hookah? Won’t you at least do the honours of filling us in weather it’s a drink or what please?