Fulfilling My Top 3: Istanbul


If hitting up Amsterdam, Paris and Prague wasn’t enough traveling in a one month period, I’ve added more to my personal March madness: Istanbul. Istanbul was a Top 3Β before I even got to Europe (the other two being Rome and Athens) and now it’s finally happening. In less than a month, one of my girlfriends and are are hopping on a plane for a three-day getaway to Turkey. I was concerned that three days would be cutting it too short, but I think it’s actually going to be just right for a good taste of a Turkish culture.

When my flatmate and I went to Rome in November, I would have bet money that three days wouldn’t have been nearly enough to see all of the sights in the city. However by the end of the trip, three days ended up being the perfect amount of time for us to see everything (including Vatican City) and spend some time relaxing. That’s not to say I couldn’t have spent another few days there (Rome’s pretty amazing), but I didn’t feel short-changed. With that in mind, I think that our three-day stint in Turkey is going to be pure perfection.

According to Frommer’s, we should theoretically be able to get loads of sights in within just two days, leaving day three for strolling around the bazaars, looking for hookah and drinking tea with the locals. Can’t wait!