Good to be back!

I’m sure this puts me in geek territory, but I am sooo happy to be back on campus! After five weeks of ‘break’ (read: studying, essay writing and stressing off-campus), I made it back to campus today to turn in an essay (relief!), sit in on a revision session for my core course and reconnect with friends!

I suppose I hadn’t really realized just how much I missed my SPD girls, but seeing their faces today seriously lifted my spirit! I have noticed recently that I haven’t taken enough time out to just laugh, and being around them never fails! After our two hour (productive) revision session, we grabbed coffee and spent a couple of hours chatting. Catching up, story telling and chatting about our love lives never seems to get old. Our upcoming plans?

1) Road trip to Cardiff by way of Bath and Bristol

2) A 3-day weekend trip to the Lake District for some R&R

3) Visit E. in her hometown of Dublin during the last week of June

Right now my focus is exams, but I think if I put myself to a schedule to ensure that I have goals to stick to (I work best that way), then a couple of little trip before exams won’t kill me! It might be good to give the brain a rest <3

Also, went to pick up my student loans today and got a lot more money than I had thought… I guess the last disbursement is bigger than the others. The thought of trying to lay out a strict budget was beginning to pain my soul, so knowing that I have a little moreย flexibilityย for the next few months lifts a huge weight off of my chest! Phew!

Lots of love (& laughs) from London,