Kutna Hora and New Friends (Prague Day II)

The Ossuary in Kutna Hora

We started our day this morning rather lazily with a long breakfast in our hotel lobby and trip to the main train station, Hlavni Nadrazi. Sadly, the weather was nothing like the first days. The skies were overcast and the weather was drizzly and cold. We decided to spend our morning in Kutna Hora, a neighboring town with some creepily astounding architecture.

We hopped on a 12P train to Kutna Hora and spent an hour seeing the Czech Republic from Prague to Bohemia. We also added a fourth person onto our wolf pack: our new friend, Chris, a fellow American living in Spain and traveling in Prague! After an hour of chatting and countryside viewing we arrived. First stop: Kostnice in Kutna Hora.

Chandelier made of bones


The inside of Kostnice in Kutna Hora is ‘decorated’ with the bones of 40,000 people. Creepy, but bizarrely intriguing. Though that had been our only must-see when we planned our day trip, Chris mentioned St. Barbara, a UNESCO heritage site in Kutna Hora with stained glass that was supposed to rival that of St. Vitus.

After a long walk in the rain and slush, we made it up to St. Barbara. For $1.50, we were not disappointed.

Santa Barbara

Inside St. Barbara

The outside of the church was amazingly brilliant — an awesomelyย magnificentย building in the middle of nowhere. If the outside was awesome, though, the inside was beyond brilliant. The stained glass was phenomenal (a common theme in CZ) and the statues and structures were incredible.

After a long day, a long bus ride back we hit up the Old Town once again for dinner and evening drinks. Our new friend, Chris, joined us for the evening and we had quite possibly the most delicious dinner of life at a hotel’s restaurant. The view was awesome, facing the Astronomical Clock and the Old Town Center with a pretty awesome view of Tyn Church. The menu was absolutely insane; it looked like a small bound book with nearly 100 pages of Czech fare.ย For under 10 euros a piece, we weren’t expecting the most fantastic of dishes, but we were beyond pleasantly surprised! After our dinner and convo, Chris decided to treat dad to an after-dinner treat. Apparently dad didn’t learn his lesson from the night before; he and Chris both ended up with grog to end the night. Delish? Not sure if I mentioned this, but grog is straight rum. It may be watered down ever-so-slightly, but it’s nearly entirely spiced rum. A good 5 – 6 shots of hot spiced rum.

Dad & Chris with their grog!

After our rendezvous, we headed back home to end our fun-filled day and prepare for day #3 in Prague and our flight to the City of Lights. Sad to say goodbye to Prague, but excited to say hello to Paris!

Ciao for now,