You guys might be familiar with those Celebrity Transformation galleries hosted by InStyle, People and the like. They typically showcase celebs over the last 5 – 15 years to see the drastic transformations they undertake (the wonders of Hollywood, right?) and to give you hope that with hair, make-up and stylists, you, too, could be a glamour puss. Well, I’m certainly no glamour puss (yet?) but I did run across some old pictures that made me laugh! Why did I think that tan looked good? Why didn’t anyone tell me that white/platinum blonde was entirely too intense? In any case, here’s my mini (celebrity) transformation:

1988: Waiting to be fed.

1989: Chillin with Teddy Ruxpin. And apparently pissed about it. Note 80s decor.

1993: After my 1st Holy Communion. Loved my mini wedding dress.

2005: Nick & I at a summer wedding. Holy tan!

2005: Brit & I at a Halloween party in Tahoe!

2006: With my grandma on Christmas

2006: Holiday cocktail party with G.

2007: With my grandma on my 21st!

2008: 22nd Birthday!

2008: Santa Cruz with H! Not as grossly blonde. Phew.

2009: At Tre with Lisa. The ‘I just got into LSE’ glow!

2010: In Prague with dad!

Bizarrely, I still look pretty much the same although my ridiculous tan has faded (a little sad about that) and my blonde-ness is a little more subdued (not sad about that)! I love looking at old pictures though. Despite some of the bleh factor that’s captured, it’s fun looking back at old times and remembering the people you used to hang out with, the places you used to go and the stuff you thought was hot! How things change…

Love from London,

  • Brittany

    Aw, I love that picture of us. Remember how we took about 25+ pictures ourselves trying to get the perfect one? And that one girl fell off the side of the escalator at the casino? Hate to say it, but that was seriously hilarious.

  • ShannonElizabeth

    Hahahahaha. OMG, yes! What was her name? Cassandra? That was f*ing hilarious! We were too funny… I literally have 40+ of the same picture from different angles! Love it <3.