Birthday Dinner with the ‘Fam’!

I don’t know that I’ve properly mentioned this before, but my flatmate (and one of my BFFs), L., has an awesome set of parents. I met her dad late last year when he was in town and we enjoyed a fun-filled night at Mildred’s. Though I just met her mom tonight for the first time, I’ve honestly felt like I’ve known her the entire year! If I’m ever a mom, she’s the kind of mom I want to be: funny, clearly interested in people, and thoughtful (understatement). I like to think that I’m thoughtful, but this woman trumps me to the nth degree (e.g. sending L. & I magazines for our trip to Marbella in May, sending two US flags – one for L. and one for me – to commemorate the World Cup, sending me a green four-leaf clover laced necklace and chocolate in honor of St. Patrick’s Day… the list can go on and on, but I’m sure you get the picture).  So finally, after nearly a year of being a recipient of California love, I finally met her face to face! So nice to be able to hang out with parents; there’s something refreshing about it. Plus, it was L’s dad’s birthday so we celebrated in style with dinner at Oxo Tower on the south side of the river [click here for menu].

The views from our balcony table were incredible; the restaurant is pretty high up and provides amazing views of London! Dinner was absolutely delish and dessert was even more incredible — the cherry soufflé was possibly the most amazing dessert ever. The portions aren’t the biggest, mind you (e.g. L.’s order of lobster ravioli was literally one ravioli) but I suppose quality trumps quantity! All in all, a fun-filled night and a good way to spend one of my last nights in London before the big Euro adventure begins! {Side note: moving stuff into storage today!}

Thank you to L.’s parents for a deliciously amazing night out and for awesome company!

Love from London,