Call for Participants

Calling all Israelis and Palestinians!

My amazingly wonderful flatmate needs participants for her dissertation! While her Masters is in Media & Communications, she’s focusing on something much deeper than the impact of twitter or the integration of facebook into modern society (no offense to anyone whoย isย doing those topics!); she’s addressing an issue that looks at Palestinian/Israeli relations in a media context (I don’t want to annihilate her dissertation proposal, so I’ll stop there). Ideally, she’s looking for London-based individuals from Israel or Palestine. For anyone out there that would be interested in participating, it would be an amazing opportunity to help out a graduate student looking to expand her knowledge and make a contribution to the literature on this topic.

Please email me if you’re remotely interested in being involved
(or if you have friends that would like to help out!) For those not located in London but interested in participating, she is currently considering conducting Skype-based interviews as well, so don’t hesitate to send an email!

On her behalf, I’d like to thank potential participants in advance — your involvement would be greatly appreciated and would definitely help to further the knowledge on the potential of media in this arena!

Many thanks and lots of love,

  • Ellyanna

    Great thinnkgi! That really breaks the mold!