The Revised Adventures of S-Squared

In reality, S. and I were tads ambitious with our travel plans for July. We had grandiose dreams of hitting up a million cities in our 27 day European excursion (only a slight exaggeration). After talking yesterday, we narrowed it down and came up with a more realistic plan of attack, allowing us to enjoy our trip while seeing as much as possible. I’m a firm believer in enjoying and understanding the nature of a city when you visit– trying to get a feel for the city itself; it’s peculiarities and it’s culture to the extent possible. Stopping in a city for 10 hours does not allow that. So, lo and behold, here’s our newly designed (although amenable) itinerary. We’ve only booked the first two legs of our adventure, but at least we now have a good idea of our plan of attack!

We have Malta and Athens booked already, so that will take us from July 3rd through July 12th, with us leaving Athens on the 12th. Luckily the Eurail pass includes not only trains, but ferries! We’ll be taking a ferry from Greece over to Italia’s east coast and catching a train to Amalfi from there. After a few (3) days exploring the Amalfi Coast, we’ll head up to Tuscany, exploring Florence and a neighboring city for 3 more days. Though we had though about hitting up Switzerland afterwards, we ultimately thought it best to cut out the travel time and up the exploration time by spending those extra few days in France! From Florence, we’re headed over to Monaco (or Nice) and then over to Marseille for a few days. Spain will be the last bit of our mainland excursion, hitting up Barcelona (from Marseille) and then going up to San Sebastian via an overnight train. We’ll head to Bilbao from there to grab a plane up to Dublin for the last bit of our European excursion!

Our schedule is crazy! It’s hectic and it will definitely be hellish at times, but I have no doubt that it will be the best summer excursion ever! Plus, with train travel involved, I’ll have time to work on my dissertation and get some readings and outlines done before finalizing stuff during the month of July when I return to the UK!

Anyone else doing a fun summer excursion? Please share!

Love from London,

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