A Day Trip in Britain: Where Next?

If I have experienced any travel #fails this year at all, it would be in terms of seeing the UK. I have done my fair share of European traveling, but have somehow managed to neglect a large portion of Britain. I have explored London, relived the Canterbury Tales, checked out oh-so-academic Cambridge, enjoyed the ‘beaches’ of Brighton, and traveled my way through Scotland, but have somehow skipped the entire north (and middle) of England and the entirety of Wales! (Note: I realize that Northern Ireland is part of the UK as well, but I really have no desire to visit so my absence there is not out of neglect but out of avoidance.)

The White Cliffs of Dover

Bath, UK



Cardiff Castle

Beaches of Cornwall

My funds are limited now and I’m maniacally hunting for a job in London. With the realization that these could (hopefully not!) be my last weeks in England for a bit, I want to make sure I have a chance to see more of the UK in case I have to leave it behind for a bit. While trains can be costly (don’t get me wrong — there are good deals to be had sometimes!), travel by coach is typically inexpensive. With National Express’ Funfares, you can nab travel for as little as Β£1 each way if you’re flexible! While I still want to see more of northern England (York, the Lake District, etc.), I don’t know that I can realistically stomach 6+ hours in a bus (bleh). I’ve narrowed it down to five cities that I think would make a perfect day trip (hopefully sometime next week). So, tell me:

Any other suggestions or cities that I’m overlooking?

xoxo from Britain,

  • Lisa

    Let me know where you decide. I have been wanting to do a day trip somewhere for awhile and would love to come!