Back to Londontown!

After receiving my results from LSE, my parents have been urging me to purchase my ticket to London so I can head back for the graduation ceremony. After scouring the web, I quickly discovered that $750 R/T from SFO was the cheapest that I was going to find. I realize that that’s actually not that expensive for such a lengthy flight, but after spending 13+ months gallivanting around Europe on the cheap, $750 for a FLIGHT seems like a lot of cash. I weighed it out for a bit … for $500 I could get a return ticket to NYC and nearly a week’s accommodation if I had a friend in tow. In case I haven’t mentioned this, I’ve never been to NYC (!!) and it’s definitelyΒ on the top of my must-seeΒ list. When it comes to dropping this amount of money on a trip, why go to a place that I’ve spent so much time already?

Well, my dad was quick to remind me that New York will (hopefully) always be there. And while the same could certainly be said for London, the graduation ceremony itself is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. To see all of the LSE kiddos again, to walk across the stage and accept our awards — that opportunity won’t always be there. Since it’s a pretty awesome experience (and a great excuse to get back to London), I booked it. Now that I’ve actually confirmed my booking (and watched the $750 trickle out of my checking account), I must say that I’m actually really excited!! I love London and more than that, I love my friends!! I can’t wait to see everyone and enjoy nine days in the UK!

Sooo excited! For LSEers out there reading this: who else is on board? Who’s heading back to London for graduation?

xoxo from CA,

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    Nice tour.I must say that I’m actually really excited!! I love London and more than that enjoy with family