Happy Thanksgiving!

My last Thanksgiving was far from conventional. After a year away from home and celebrating with my family via Skype, I get to celebrate an old-fashioned Thanksgiving with the whole family at my grandmother’s house. There are few things I love more than the holidays and Thanksgiving effectively kicks off the holiday season. As I type this, I’m multi-tasking like a champ: blogging whilst baking a pumpkin pie and prepping for a fun day of cooking and family (requirements: lots of food + lots of alcohol). With diabetes running rampant in my family, I’ve become a pro at ridding my food of sugar (for the most part), though I began wondering about the side effects of Splenda overload as I loaded my pies up with sweetener… Β A minor aside: for any vegans out there, check out this delish recipe.

To all of my friends in the US and abroad,Β Happy Thanksgiving! I am honestly so grateful for having such wonderful friends, such an amazing family (despite it’s occasional dysfunction) and for having had so many fantastic experiences up to this point in my life. Thank you to everyone that’s made my life so incredible!

Love and thanks,