Back in London


I’m pushing through the tiredness right now; my mind set on staying up until at least 10P before passing out for what is sure to be a long night’s sleep. My ten hour flight found me seated in a middle seat which made it rather difficult to get comfortable for long enough to actually rest. After landing at Heathrow at about 130P and making it through customs, A. and I were on the tube headed down to King’s Cross station. While she was a champ and decided to switch lines to get to her ultimate destination, I exited at King’s Cross and cabbed it for the remainder of the way. While I could have saved myself Β£7, the thought of carrying ridiculously heavy luggage up and down the tube station stairs made me want to die. When the cab made its way through Islington, L’s flat was like an oasis in the desert — finally, Β finally a place with friends and a shower!

Coming into London was an interesting experience. Arriving at LHR honestly felt like coming home. Perhaps because I have seen the inside of LHR more than any other airport, there was a sense of comfort in being there. If I hadn’t been dragging 50+ pounds of luggage, I would have felt like I never left. While the 35 degree weather was a bit biting, it also quickly took me back to last year’s winter; walking the snowy streets of Covent Garden down to Trafalgar Square, listening to music and people watching.

After having had a mini catch-up sesh with L., I’m showered and definitely ready for some sleep. I’m so excited to be back in town with some of my best friends and even more excited for the crazy/fun week ahead! On the agenda: Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland, LSE graduation and our after party, a day trip to Oxford and necessary trips to Borough, Spitalfields and Portobello Road for some Christmas goodies!

Check back in soon for pictures and stories!

xoxo from London,