Booked: Washington, D.C.


It’s official! I have finally booked my long-overdue excursion to Washington, D.C.! Now that one of my good friends has made DC her new home, I have a built-in tour guide and a place to stay that will feel like home for a week! I’ll be heading over in March for about 9 days and am hoping to take a couple of those days to head up to New York for a quick jaunt.

Shout out to my friend, ADR, who is letting me stay with her for the week! If it wasn’t for her hospitality, a trip to the East Coast would have been way beyond my budget. With accommodation already under control, the only thing I had to worry about was the flight. For a long time I had put off flights to the East Coast because the $600 R/T tickets from SFO put me off a bit. There are deals to be had, of course, but I always felt that if I were going to spend that much on a ticket, I might as well escape the US and head to Europe. While looking on Expedia’s website though, I found an incredible deal: $240 roundtrip from SFO to Dulles… including taxes! The best deals right now can be found through Delta, but Southwest has a pretty great selection of cheap seats, too!

Barely missing out on the Cherry Blossom Festival! :(

Barely missing out on the Cherry Blossom Festival!

I’ve been perusing loads of DC sites to get extra pumped for my trip, and this one is particularly awesome for folks on a budget: 100 Free (or Nearly Free) Things to Do in DC. Between hitting up the White House for an obligatory photo, visiting the monuments and the museums (hello, Smithsonian!), I think it’s going to be an awesome and eventful trip! Finally, finally, finally The Traveling Scholar will be able to see the East Coast! Perhaps a potential location for a PhD?

Love and excitement,