Placerville Wine Tasting: Part Two


Apple Blossom Festival

As you may remember, Boat Shoe Boy introduced me to Apple Hill’s wineries about a month ago. I’m still in the fetal stages of wine drinking, but since I’m making a concerted effort to be a better wine drinker (always a respectable goal, I think), I decided to hit up the Apple Blossom Festival last weekend with my dad and a few friends in tow!

Dad & H. at Wofford Acres

Hil & I learning to drink our reds. :)

Dad -- always such a trooper.

With the festival in full swing, nearly all of the wineries were open and most had special tasting and promotional pricing on their bottles. Cha-ching! Our path was similar to what Boat Shoes and I did last month, but we added a few new wineries to the mix. First stop was MadroΓ±a — great little spot with a good tasting menu. My friend, H., and I are still in the super baby stages of learning to drink reds so the oh-so-knowledgeable ladies at the bar were very helpful with choosing varieties that weren’t too overpowering for our embryonic palettes. From there, we headed over to Jodar which, in my opinion, definitely vies for the top spot when it comes to El Dorado wineries. I’m not 100% sure as to whether it’s the people or the wine that makes it so great, but I’m guessing it’s the combination of the two. There were actually a couple of reds that I legitimately liked there! After leaving Jodar (and after having eaten very little all day), I began to wonder if I actually liked the reds that I was trying or whether I had gotten to the point in the tasting process (read: borderline tipsy) where anything would taste perfectly delicious.

L. enjoying round five of wine tasting!

At Wofford Acres - requisite group shot

From there we hit up Wofford Acres (which is the other winery that competes for the number one spot!) andΒ Grace Patriot before grabbing some food and much-needed H2O. Wofford Acres is definitely a gem. It’s a bit tucked away but the owners are absolutely amazing! They were doing a bit of a fundraising drive during the festival which accounts for why the gentlemen in the above photo are wearing shirts that say ‘Save the Tatas‘ and ‘Go! Nads! Keep your Man Parts‘. I have to admit, I had a pretty gnarly headache for the remainder of the afternoon (I’m clearly still learning), but wine tasting round two was definitely a success! In fact, with my younger sister’s 21st birthday on the horizon, a wine tasting excursion may just be in order — perhaps a trip to Napa or the Central Coast!

Up on the agenda for this weekend? Another rendezvous in Tahoe with Boat Shoes & the fam! Stay tuned for some glorious snapshots.


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