Love is in the air!


En route to the party bus!

For as many times as I’ve been to San Diego, I have spent very little time exploring Old Town, which (as I’ve come to discover) is quite sad. It’s definitely a cute little area — lots of shops, restaurants and galleries to check out. With Friday night marking my cousin’s rehearsal dinner, we all congregated at Cafe Coyote in Old Town to celebrate. I love any excuse for the family to get together and I really can’t imagine a better excuse than a wedding! The bride-to-be looked gorgeous (as per usual) and dinner was a perfect time for a few overdue family shots! (I’m a picture-taking wh*re).

A little family bonding. :)

Grandma, Boat Shoes & I at the rehearsal dinner

Dad's making the 'Shannon' (read: duck) face.

The bride-to-be & maid of honor!

After the rehearsal dinner, Boat Shoes and I jumped on a party bus to continue the pre-wedding celebration! I learned a valuable lesson on this party bus excursion:Β If you drink Hennessy (admittedly, this was my first time being exposed to it), asking a veteran Hennessy drinker what to mix it with is a no-no. Evidently, Hennessy is not a drink that you mix (gotsta drink it straight). I got a few quizzical looks and a few groomsmen trying to help a sistah out (as I was clearly a newbie with little cognac experience). Lest I make a fool of myself mixing cognac and coke, I opted for a vodka red bull instead.


Bride & Groom on the party bus! Courtesy of SLF.

Boat Shoes and I ended up getting off the bus a bit early to meet up with some of his San Diego-based college friends at Siren at the Se Hotel. If I haven’t mentioned this before, rooftop bars/lounges are quite possibly my favourite thing (theΒ SkyBar at the Mondrian is equally awesome). Needless to say, the vibe was great and the company was even better!

Definitely a fun night — looking back at these pictures definitely makes me want to plan another trip to SD! <3

Stay tuned for some wedding photos and a pretty hilarious story!