The Producers!

Admittedly, I have been the worst blogger of life as of late. I still need to catch up on some epic 4th of July madness in Tahoe and recap a few fun-filled family rendezvous, but I’m gonna try to talk about something a bit more up-to-speed for the moment: Music Circus!

Is it Thursday yet?

As I mentioned a few weeks back, Boat Shoe Boy got three rounds of Music Circus tickets for my birthday and we’re kicking off the madness with The Producers this Thursday. As you know, I’m obsessed with musicals (with all live productions for that matter) and I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about The Producers! While there were an endless numbers of musicals to check out in London, they’re a bit more difficult to find out here on the West Coast. Vegas has a few shows and San Francisco has a couple of choose from at any given time, but nothing like the theatre-friendly New York/London scenes. I’m definitely excited to get my theatre fix in the coming weeks!

Anyone else going to see The Producers? Has anyone already seen it? Thoughts?


Bonus for others planning on attending: Ten22 in Old Sacramento is a huge supporter of the arts and offers 25% off the food bill when you show your Music Circus ticket.