A Mini Celebration!

It’s pretty crazy how fast time flies…

Boat Shoe Boy and I just celebrated a mini milestone in our relationship and spent Friday evening enjoying a carpet picnic and political banter while packing for his upcoming two-week tour de America.

All smiles :)

Despite the fact that we’d noshed on some oysters in San Francisco the day before, I stuck with my original plan of having an at-home oysterfest à deux. The idea was a bit half-baked considering I have never shucked an oyster before in my life, but it actually ended up being really fun and only moderately dangerous. For the record, butter knives work in lieu of a proper oyster shucker. {For an oyster shucking tutorial, click here.}


The rest of our carpet picnic was a product of Whole Foods and their awesome staff. I went in with a vague idea of what I wanted and left a pretty happy camper after a conversation with their cheesemonger and their beer sommelier. All in all, a low-key but successful evening. Sadly, I had to say goodbye to Boat Shoes on Saturday morning as he departed for Chicago/the Florida Keys/Vegas. The next time I see him will be in Vegas in two weeks where we’ll be attending the Jimmy Buffett concert!

While I try not to be overly sappy (‘try’ is the operative word here), I can’t not include a few pics from the last few months… it fits with the theme and who am I to betray a potentially photo-filled blog post?

First SF trip, April 2011

Bay to Breakers, May 2011

With Grandma in San Diego for S.'s wedding, June 2011

At the Wild Animal Park in SD, June 2011

Tahoe, Summer 2011

Having dinner in Anguilla, August 2011

Dune Preserve, Anguilla, August 2011

Beach photo shoot, Anguilla 2011

Pulling into St. Martin, September 2011

Lobsterfest for Grandma's Birthday, Sept. 2011

At the American Cancer Society Gala, September.

我爱你  船鞋穿着男孩