Giveaway: Win $100 Flight Voucher to Kick Off 2014

Most amazing view ever? Yes!

As a big thank you to everyone who’s shown their support over the years, I’ve teamed up with Momondo to offer blog readers a $100 flight voucher to the airline of their choice (provided the airline has a gift card system in place). Momondo, a comparison site, is a great resource for travelers looking to score great deals on hotels, flights and car rentals. Fan favorites like American Airlines, JetBlue and Virgin all offer vouchers to pad your travel account. Fellow wanderlusts, can you think of a better way to kick off 2014?

How to Enter

The contest will close at 12AM (Atlantic Standard Time) on February 5, 2014 when the winner will be announced. Use the widget below to ensure that you’re entered (click the tabs below to confirm your entry). You have a few options for entry:

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Best of luck to everyone!

Shannon Kircher

  • Kathleen Walpole

    Love this! Such a great giveaway!

  • Michael Hicks

    Anywhere that is warm and has a beach!

  • Brandon Fralic

    I’m headed to Thailand, South Korea, and Japan this spring. Some extra $$ can’t hurt!

  • Fat Girl Healthy

    Definitely want to use this for my next trip to Anguilla…probably sometime in the spring!

  • shannon

    So far a wedding in Dallas!

  • Kenya F

    I would love to use it to relax on the beaches of Costa Rica!

  • Kaleb Kolich

    To visit my soul mate!

  • hockiemack

    towards a trip to europe perhaps

  • Ritam B.

    Trip to Italy Lakes region this summer. Thanks.

  • Clare

    Hoping to head to DC!

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  • Juan

    Baseball trip over the summer.

  • travelingfools

    A visit to my childhood friend of 40 years!

  • Erin Kendall

    Going to Brazil for the World Cup. Lots of flights, not many of them cheap. Plenty of uses for $100

  • mjtaxpro

    somewhere warm….-16 here in WI is a little toooo cooollllldddd

  • Jasanna

    I’ll use it to go to California w/my husband for a wedding this year :)

  • Paolo Scuri

    A trip to San Francisco, for sure.

  • Colin Shepherd

    the galapagos islands

  • Amanda Aileen Fisher

    I would use the voucher toward a trip I have planned to Europe! We’re hitting France, Germany, and Scandanavia.

  • jlgctm

    I’d fly to Montego Bay on the new Southwest route.

  • Free Stuff Scavenger

    Hoping to see the Mezquita de Cordoba in Spain this summer!

  • beth


  • Bob

    The Travel Scholar is the bomb.

  • Sanders

    Awesome, will probably use for a domestic flight to Seattle

  • Brent

    Just found your blog. Love it. How will I use the voucher? NAPA VALLEY (via SFO).

  • Elizabeth

    Trip to Walt Disney World!

  • Alana

    I’ll use it for part of our vacation this fall!

  • DK

    Id love to hop on the plane and visit the grandkids in Toronto! thanks

  • Joe

    Going to visit friends in San Diego on American!

  • Morgan Maly

    I’m planning a long term trip to various countries next spring to celebrate the completion of my master’s degree!

  • Ivan M.


  • Joseph Mansour


  • Jesse

    I can’t wait to win! This would be a HUGE surprise for my wife!

  • Char

    I will use the voucher to go to Europe!

  • Leigh

    I’ll use it to visit my boyfriend in California!

  • reikokorin

    We’re trying to get to Kauai this year!

  • Dianna

    Time to start planning a trip to Universal this summer to check out the up and coming Diagon Alley? :)

  • Kaysha Johnston

    I want to go to South Korea to visit my friend!

  • Randy

    Have a bucket list trip to Australia coming up!

  • Laura L

    I would use the voucher to take my first backpacking trip to Southeast Asia!

  • Greg A

    I’ll use my voucher to get away from the cold and head to the beach

  • Jonathan

    I’d use the voucher toward a flight to New York. I currently go to school in LA but will need to fly out for some interviews in the near future.

  • Sandeep Kor

    I will use the voucher towards an European backpacking tour!

  • Jennifer

    I’m planning a trip to Colorado over the summer, so I will use my voucher for that.

  • sk

    My husband is recooperating from a bad fall, we could use it on a much needed vacation .

  • Shannon Elizabeth

    Best of luck to everyone! It looks like the voucher will be put to great use!

  • Raimee

    I have so many trips planned for 2014! I’m heading to Europe this summer and the $100 flight voucher would be a great help there! I also really want to visit the new Harry Potter world installment at Universal Studios Florida at some point… (yeah I am a huge HP nerd). I’d also love to visit South America, Scandinavia, Asia, Hawaii, Greece….. SOOO many options that this voucher could help me with!

  • Erika Katayama

    I would use the voucher to head to Seattle in the summertime. Blackberry picking and Mariner’s games!

  • Tamario

    I would use my voucher in the summer when I’m out of school (teacher) and I would fly from RDU to MSY to visit friends in New Orleans!

  • Shannon Elizabeth

    Congrats on finishing your Masters, Morgan!

  • Jordan

    I would use this to go to Seattle

  • Courtney Lynch

    My brother graduates college this year, so a trip to Wyoming is in my future for 2014. The flight voucher would be awesome for this.

  • jimmymurphy

    I’d use the voucher to visit my brother, who will be studying abroad!


    I would use the voucher to fly to St. Petersberg. I’ve been wanting to get back to Russia for years!

  • mkm

    I would travel back to Chicago to see family!

  • MB

    I’d definitely use it to fly to London to scope out two of my grad school picks.

  • Yati

    I’ll fly to Florida to visit my family.

  • Phil

    I’ll use my voucher to visit my friend in France when I return from Afghanistan in December.

  • crystal s

    We plan on visiting Maine this year and would use it to travel there. I want to try lobster and take in the beautiful surroundings!

  • Hamilton

    I would use my voucher to go see the Northern Lights

  • Retire With Me

    I would use my voucher on my trip to Peru this summer!

  • Ali

    I would use it to go to Texas to visit family

  • snakedoc1

    I would use my voucher to travel to Kyrgyzstan…….IAH-IST-FRU

  • Kevin

    I’d use it to fly from Ho Chi Minh to Tokyo this summer as part of my first trip to Asia!

  • Brian

    I’ll use it towards my flight to Europe in a few months.

  • Mitty

    I would use my voucher to take a vacation to New York City. :)

  • Morgan Maly

    Thank you, but I won’t be done until December… can’t wait! :)

  • Dizzy

    Going backpacking in Yunnan province of China

  • NYCBK123

    Would love to use it to take my dad to Chicago for the first time!

  • Brad

    I will be in NY with this voucher

  • Ashley

    I would use the voucher towards a flight to New Orleans in February. My friends are in a band, and are playing a show there. It’s their first time in that city, so I am going to meet them there to show them around one of my favorite cities! (I live across the country from them now, and haven’t seen them in a year.) Good luck to y’all :)

  • Megan Ellis

    I would use the voucher (and some chutzpah) to try to blag to see just how far I could travel on $100. I’d turn it into a bucket list adventure, walking back from wherever if I needed to!

  • Sarah

    Hmmm a little trip to DC for someone lovely’s wedding in May?! :)

  • Christine Riggs

    I would put it towards my trip to London this summer!

  • Amanda McGowan

    Thanks so much! I would use the voucher to go visit the grandparents.

  • Janne Abelmann

    Anguilla, of course!

  • Kristy

    Heading to Bangkok to visit a friend in the Spring!

  • Jordan Wash


  • Stephanie

    I’d love to visit the Maldives!

  • Em

    Thank you for offering this contest! I hope I win

  • Ernest S.

    I would use it for a flight to Belize!