Birthday celebrations.

Pics from B2B 2012! Taking Mario Kart on the road.

Celebrating grandma’s 86th at Rudy’s Hideaway!

Taking over Old Sacramento for my sister’s 21st! Ten22, O’Mally’s and the Back Door Lounge!

Saturday and Sunday in Tahoe to celebrate Boat Shoes’ birthday! Beer pong + prep for the Rapture + Disney movies= an interesting night.

Thursday and Friday in Tahoe for Boat Shoe Boy’s birthday! Let the celebrations begin!
Reviews: Bite, Crystal Bay Casino

Celebrating Boat Shoes’ birthday in Tahoe!

San Francisco: Exploring North Beach & way too many eateries!

Day 3 in LA: fun and relaxation in the sun!

Night One in LA: Let the birthday celebrations begin!
Reviews: #Kay ‘N Dave’s Cantina, #Le Montrose