Scott had mentioned that we’d be making our fair share of trips to St. Martin during our tenure in Anguilla, the majority for practical reasons. We’re heading over with his aunt for the first time this Friday to pick up a few necessities (a number of things we can’t find in Anguilla can be procured in St. Martin) and to learn the lay of the land a little bit better. I have spent a grand total of about 24 hours in St.Maarten/St. Martin, so ‘workย trip’ or not, I’m…


Moving from the city to the islands; a recap of some serious lifestyle changes.

Lunch at Scilly Cay. :)

3 local spots worth checking out in Anguilla.


Driving for the first time in Anguilla — SUCCESS.


Settling into island life — getting work done and taking a few days to relax.

First day in Anguilla.


Night one in Anguilla.

Jetting off to Anguilla to start our new life!


Goodbye, SF.

2013 is here & I’m excited to see what’s in store!