Off to Marbella next weekend for sun, sand & sangria.

Enjoying a delicious Czech dog for the last time

Our last day in Prague and first day in Paris!


Dad & sis are heading over at the end of March and we’re hitting the road (errr… the air?)! Paris, Amsterdam and PRAGUE!

Dad & Tiff are visiting and I can’t even express my excitement!


Hanging out in Snowy Scotland, exploring Edinburgh. Castles, snow, Christmas markets & whiskey tasting! All in a day’s work.

Heard the term ‘FML’? Trying to figure out how I ended up in Scotland a couple of days early.

A guide to navigating the world of EasyJet!

Easy Jet

Getting ready for Malta and prepping all necessary pieces for my Mediterranean excursion.


Heading to Germany from Thursday through Sunday — Oktoberfest 2009, baby!