Night One in LA: Let the birthday celebrations begin!
Reviews: #Kay ‘N Dave’s Cantina, #Le Montrose

Beach time!

Marbella, Spain: Day Two.

Such a packed day in Amsterdam: a canal bus cruise, exploring the Red Light District, consuming disgusting amounts of ‘Manneken Pis’ (mainly Tiffany) and listening to musicians near Centraal Station.

Lunch at Food for Thought with Hobo Drifter! Mmmmm.

Views of the Blue Grotto

Malta, Days 3 & 4: Hit up the Blue Grotto, Paceville and Valletta.

Review: Cafe Jubilee, Paceville, Blue Grotto

Who says British food sucks? I’m digging some of the UK-based grocery items!

A Sunday adventure to Brick Lane & Spitalfields. Review: Rainforest Creations.

Four things I wish I would have known to pack… A word of advice for those moving overseas <3.

Slow cooker recipes for students with no money and limited time! Voila!

I’m in love with The Garrick. It’s official!