Greece, Hydra, Greek Photography

Headed to Greece? Check out these top 5 picturesque spots to get your photo fix.


Spent two days on Mykonos and Paros, exploring the Cyclades!
Review: Mykonos Camping/Hostel

S & I on Hydra

Exploring the Saronic Islands with a day trip to the untouched isle of Hydra, Greece.

Checking out the Acropolis in Athens, Greece.

Day one in Athens exploring the historic part of Greece.

Photos from Greece! :)

Boats near the Blue Grotto

Checked out the Blue Grotto during our last day in Malta before heading to Athens, Greece.

The newly revised adventures of S-Squared! Our travel plans for July 2010 are finally coming together!


Thinking about Italy — the third leg of our European excursion — plus which cities we should explore.


Trying to figure out a day trip from Athens and soliciting advice!


First two legs of our summer excursion… BOOKED!