Spent two days on Mykonos and Paros, exploring the Cyclades!
Review: Mykonos Camping/Hostel

Amalfi Coast

Getting excited about Amalfi and the walk of the gods!

The newly revised adventures of S-Squared! Our travel plans for July 2010 are finally coming together!


Thinking about Italy — the third leg of our European excursion — plus which cities we should explore.

A little summer Eurotrip with my cousin S. begs for some super cool locales.


Fulfilling my top three with an upcoming trip to Istanbul.

Dad & Tiff are visiting and I can’t even express my excitement!

Feeling like absolute shit after drinking way too much wine. Someone should have told me that that’s a bad idea.

Finished formative essay 2 of 2 and am preparing for an evening of debauchery!

The Vatican

Day III in Rome: The Vatican, the (closed) Vatican museum & Sistine Chapel, Castel Sant’Angelo & delicious gelato! Review: Giolitti, the Vatican, Castel Sant’Angelo.