Jetting off to Anguilla to start our new life!

Prepping for Anguilla! Final 3 days.

At the Frangi

Two weeks until we begin the next chapter of our lives in Anguilla!

I’m prepping for the next chapter in life: SAN FRANCISCO!

Flight, In the Sky, Above the Clouds


The Traveling Scholar is ready to move on to the next chapter — get ready for another year (or two!) of incredible adventures in a whole new world.

Saying goodbye to London in a few weeks… getting ready to start a new chapter of my life.

Looking forward to my family’s visit and thinking about the ridiculous amount of work I have to get done in the next 10 days!

Beginning PhD apps… LSHTM, here I come! (?)


Dad & sis are heading over at the end of March and we’re hitting the road (errr… the air?)! Paris, Amsterdam and PRAGUE!