The Traveling Scholar
Anguilla, Meads Bay, Caribbean

Learning how to celebrate warm weather holidays as an expat in Anguilla.


We're heading out to St. Barths for a daytrip to experience what our little neighbor to the South has to offer.


Looking for reasonably priced getaways from Anguilla? I sat down with the Operations Manager at Trans Anguilla Airways to get the scoop on their offerings to nearby destinations.

Geraud's, Anguilla, Anguilla Dining, Anguilla Eateries, Anguilla Lunch

When it comes to affordable dining, these inexpensive lunch options in Anguilla make vacation a bit easier on the wallet.

S&S - Easter

Our first season in Anguilla is over and I'm sharing thoughts on transitioning to life in the Caribbean and living in Anguilla.