The Traveling Scholar
Anguilla, BWI

A Sunday of goodbyes with a farewell boat trip to Little Bay, Scilly Cay & Sandy Ground.

Anguilla Carnival, Beach Party, Meads Bay

Photos plus a live concert during Thursday's private beach party on Meads Bay.

August Monday, Carnival, Sandy Ground

Anguilla's Carnival celebrations are underway! Check out photos from August Monday, one of the biggest beach parties in the Caribbean.

SCilly Cay, Anguilla

A standing pre-Carnival tradition, we headed to Scilly Cay on Sunday for our fill of sun, sand and rum punch!

Anguilla Sunset, Frangipani Beach Resort, The Traveling Scholar

An incredible sunset on Meads Bay makes for a pretty spectacular cocktail party.

Anguilla Dining

Enjoying another tradition - $5 crayfish at On Da Rocks in Island Harbour, Anguilla.